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We go over simple paper work.  Then, its time for your pup or pet to look forward to fun and care while your at work, away, or at home!

​​What To Expect - Meet and Greet

Be Prepared

We will walk you through the service form and contract.  We will gladly answer all your questions!

Be Prepared

Have an entry plan ready to go before the meet and greet.  A copy of your key or a key-less access code is required for service.  Key pick ups and drop offs are accepted for an additional charge.


You and your professional dog walker/sitter decide what's the best service for you and your dog or pet. To find out how each service works choose below!

Meet and Greet

You call or email us to come by and meet you and your pup or pet!  We bring you a welcome packet and get to know what your wants and needs are!  For group services we will introduce you and your pup to another pup(a new Furry Friend) from Leashed Seattle!

Choose Your Service!

Find Out How It Works!

What To Expect


"Not just a dog walker.  Your dog's best friend!"

Be Prepared

Figure out which service is best for your pup.  A private individual walk/hike, puppy checks and potty breaks, or an exciting group off leash safari with other Leashed Seattle pups.  

OR pet visits(play time)!

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