Service Terms and Conditions

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We provide 3 payment options:  Cash, Check, or pay by bank account through Intuit Quickpay.  An entry plan is required for all services.  A copy of your house key is required at the time of the meet and greet.  Keys are kept locked up and safe when not in use.  A number will be attached to your key not an address, so in the event they are lost the finder won't know who's keys they are.  We are about providing the best service possible.  We will not except new clients if we cannot guarantee %100 service or we don't believe our service is right for you and your pet(s).  It may be possible to provide service to those outside the service area for an extra charge.  Neutered and spayed dogs only for all group services.  Dogs must also have proof of rabies vaccination (and in some instances kennel cough vaccinations) for all services. Aggressive dogs are not suitable for group services and won't be excepted.  For group services all dogs are required to have a meet and greet with another dog from Leashed Seattle before service is approved.  If for any reason we are unable to gain entry under the agreed entry plan (If locks are changed without notice, the office is closed, etc.) the service will still be charged. We will notify you of the issue immediately to do the best we can to still make sure your pet is cared for!  15 and 20 minute pet visits & walks may not be available in certain areas at certain times.  All breeds of dogs are gladly excepted.

Holiday/Weekend RatesWeekends and regular holidays are an extra $5 for all services (includes Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Easter, and Labor Day).  Major holidays are an extra $10 more for all services (includes Christmas & Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, and New Years & New Years Eve).

Pet Sitting Requirements - We require a minimum of 1 visit per day for small pets (cats, etc.) and 2 visits per day for dogs.  We strongly recommend 3 visits a day for dogs.  A call is required when you return home for all pet sitting contracts.  To ensure your pet(s) safety and well being (due to flight delays, emergencies etc.) we will continue service until we receive an email, phone call, or voice mail of your return.  We also require a notice of visitation from you for anyone to enter your home.  If anyone enters the home without notice from you we will consider them to be an intruder and will call 911 immediately.

Cancellations/Schedule Changes - A 24 hour notice is required for a single walk, group off leash safari session, puppy check, potty breaks, and pet visits cancellation or schedule change.  If the service is cancelled with less than twenty for hours to spare no reimbursement will be given.  All pet sitting services require %100 of payment prior to service agreement. For pet sitting a 72 hour notice is required for cancellation.  Cancellations that occur within 72 hours of service will be charged for the service(s).

'Walk Blocks' are prepaid walks and group off leash park sessions.  They are available in 10 and 20 walks.  'Walk Blocks' are non-refundable and can only be used in your household (unless previously agreed upon a friend/family share/neighbor share plan).

Monthly Discount, Walk Block, & Monthly Referral Terms - The prepaid monthly service is due on the first of every month.  Services that start after the 1st of the month will be due on the first day of service and prorated to the end of the month.  A one week notice is needed for cancellation of any monthly service.  This service will be automatically billed monthly.  To receive your free walk for referrals the customer you referred must first complete a full month of service.  If they purchase a 10 or 20 'Walk Block' you will receive your free walk upon their payment.

Medical Emergencies - In the event we feel it necessary to have your pet seen by the vet, we will make an effort to contact you.  If we are unable to contact you we will take your pet to the veterinarian you indicated on your service form.  If that veterinarian is unavailable we will take them to our preferred veterinarian.  You will be responsible for all charges if we are not at fault for the visit. dog walking